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Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd is a Singaporean Multinational Group having 8 Business Verticals, 44 Business Domains. Treasury Consulting is having Intellectual Property (IP) Company where by we own our Fixed Income Platform - (World's 1st Fixed Income Platform). Sitting today our Fixed Income Platform is of 35+ Desks which are expected to grow to 100 by Dec 2019. Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd expected to launch Treasury Desk which would be covering all desks like Foreign Exchange (FX), Fixed Income (FI), Interest Rate Swaps (IRS), Private Placement Platform (PPP), Custodian Desk, Treasury Audits, Fixed Income Transition Management (FITM), Family Office Desk, Islamic Banking Desk, Pension Fund Desk and respective. Treasury Desk is expected to launch by 2020. With the launch of Treasury Desk we would be a equivalent to a Banking entity. Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd would apply for a Banking license in 2020 with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) whereby we would be a Principally Singaporean based Bank.

Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd - Family Office Desk is about all aspects of Family Office based out at Singapore, Luxembourg, European Union (EU), Malaysia, United States (US), Latin America (LATAM), Royal Family Offices in OPEC Region. Our Family Office Desk covering Assets Classes like Governance & Management Structure, Alignment of Interest, Higher Return, Centralization of Risk, Market Structure, Legal Structure, Tax Structure, Single Family Offices (SFO), Multi Family Offices (MFO), Virtual Family Offices (VFO), Investment Philosophies, Trainings & Education.

Trainings, Publications & Digital Marketing Desk

Treasury Consulting covering more than 200 types of Trainings covering Forensics, Functional, Information Technology (IT), Regulatory & Technological Trainings.

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Financial Markets Desk

Treasury Consulting covering Foreign Exchange (FX) Desk, Treasury Desk, FEMA, Trade Finance, Derivatives Valuation, Capital Markets Technologies Desk & High Frequency Trading (HFT) Desk.

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Information Technology (IT) Desk

Treasury Consulting IT Desk covering FinTech, ERP Desk, Cyber Security Desk, Regulatory Technologies (RegTech) Desk, Financial Technologies (FinTech) Desk, Analytics Desk & CISO Series.

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Accounting, Audit & Assurance Desk

Treasury Consulting covering Accounting & Assurance (A&A), Risk & Assurance (R&A), Accounting Standards - IFRS, US GAAP, IND-AS, Expected Credit Losses (ECL) Trades & respective Desks.

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